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Custodian of Records (18 USC 2257):
IntimatePillowTalk 18 U.S.C 2257 Statement

IntimatePillowTalk requires all models, actors, actresses and other persons who access IntimatePillowTalk�s sexually explicit services to be eighteen (18) years of ageor older at the time the services were provided.

IntimatePillowTalk acts as a technology service to allow members to share information, entertainment services or other products and services among themselves. IntimatePillowTalk does not evaluate, provide, produce or control member information or exchanges between members in any manner. IntimatePillowTalk does not provide any content information, entertainment services or other products or services. IntimatePillowTalk does not guarantee or make any representations regarding the identity or qualifications of any model or member. IntimatePillowTalkdoes not make editorial or managerial decisionsconcerning member or model listing content, sexually explicit or otherwise.

By using the IntimatePillowTalk services, members and models are bound by the Terms of Service and expected to follow all applicable federal state and local laws, regulations and ordinances relating to obscene and indecent content, communications and record keeping obligations.

Models are solely responsible for the content listings created under their IntimatePillowTalk member accounts and are solely responsible for ensuring that they are in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations includingbut not limited to certain record location information under 18 USC 2257 and corresponding regulations where applicable.

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